Modbus Simulator Software for debugging and testing modbus communication.
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Software is under development. Release is scheduled for November, 1st, 2012.

Simulation of all types of Modbus devices:

  • TCP Master
  • TCP Slave
  • RTU Master (over serial line)
  • RTU Slave

Multiple devices can work simultaneously.

Whole Modbus-addressable memory available for quick editing in hex using custom, specially designed hex-editor.

Define variables of signed and unsigned decimal (1, 2 or 4 bytes), float (4 or 8 bytes), hexadecimal and binary (discrete) types for easy formatted editing with control over byte-ordering.

Dynamic highlighting of memory reads and writes.

Communicaion monitor as a special device can log all Modbus communication for further analisys.

Supported Modbus functions:

  • 0x01 Read Coils
  • 0x02 Read Discrete Inputs
  • 0x03 Read Holding Registers
  • 0x04 Read Input Registers
  • 0x05 Write Single Coil
  • 0x06 Write Single Register
  • 0x0B Get Comm Event Counter
  • 0x0C Get Comm Event Log
  • 0x0F Write Multiple Coils
  • 0x10 Write Multiple Registers
  • 0x11 Report Slave ID
  • 0x17 Read/Write Multiple Registers

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